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eFranken Blog

By Pascal Parvex


I you want to play with your eFranken tokens, there is now a way to do so. To see more, click here. The latter website works with Waves Keeper, so you can play with confidence.

Also, I adjusted the prices of the shop to the eFranken value increasements.


I disabled the possibility to issue more eFranken tokens. Now there are only one billion to ever exist. This way, the token price is expected to rise, and the worth of the eFranken sold is increased, as it cannot be diluted anymore by reissuing great amounts of additional tokens. I only reissued the burnt 4106 tokens with this change, so that the total is again one billion.


The faucet provider has gone offline due to cost of operation. But the development of their services, which also includes the aforementioned faucet system, continues. Sorry for that. You can still buy and sell eFranken on the Waves DEX.

Did you know that the total amount of eFranken has diminished? This is because 4106 units have been burned by owners. So there are now less than one billion eFranken in total, making the remaining ones more valuable.


Have you ever tried to make money on the Internet? I have been trying to do so for over ten years and I never succeeded. I tried affiliate marketing the most, but also product creation, Adsense ads and so on. One of the better things I spent money on was a test about what kind of money making suits you best. My result was, that I am best in managing holdings. So now I am doing cryptocurrencies almost exclusively. But I have just been gambling some time away with no deposit bonuses of online casinos. I don't play with my own money anymore, as I have lost almost 30 thousand Dollars net over a dozen years, including gambling my way to over 648 Bitcoins in roulette and losing it all again. So be warned. I have been trying to have my own casino, especially for my eFranken. But is is either too expensive or there are security risks to be taken care of. I have even tried to offer manual betting, but it is not working the way I would like. So, if you have any ideas, for example if you are a gifted  programmer who knows how to run a secure gambling site, drop me a line. You'll find my contact information at the very bottom.


I have decided to run a blog on eFranken.org. So here are my thoughts.

I have now sold or distributed all of the existing eFranken minus a reserve. Over 900 million token were sold and a few million more given away through the faucet. All I keep are 50 million units to finance the eFranken.org endeavour. The only way left to get free eFranken is through the faucet, see links on your chosen language version above. I myself cannot give away any more, as I used to in the beginning before the faucet. But you can still buy eFranken, just not from me. Just open the DEX in the official wallet and look for offers. Best price was ten wavelets when I looked yesterday.

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The eFranken Waves token was issued on the 13th June 2017 by Pascal Parvex

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