The Blockchain Token
for the Tokio Hotel

The eKaulitz-Token

The eKaulitz digital asset consists of 400 million tokens in total. You can get one thousand of them for free every single hour by using the eKaulitz faucet here, as long as the faucet gets refilled. You need to register on the faucet page to claim.

eKaulitz tokens can also be traded on the exchange integrated into the wallet. Just enter the following token ID into the search field of the exchange:


To get the wallet, click here.

eKaulitz tokens are based on the Waves cryptocurrency. To send the former, you need a small amount (0.001 Waves for a standard transaction, so 1 unit of Waves gives you one thousand transactions) of the latter. But don’t worry, you can buy them directly from inside the wallet. And: You can also get them in limited quantity from me.

eKaulitz Store

Get one small glossy Tokio Hotel photo snail mailed to you! Limited stock, lots of different motifs.

Price: 5 000 EKA Send payment to the following address:


Put the following message in the attachment field:

thp, [Insert your shipping address here; don’t forget to also include your country!]

Ships to most countries, postage included.

eKaulitz Donation

The eKaulitz token was issued on the 13th of June 2017 by Pascal Parvex.

Looking for the background video? Here you go.

eKaulitz token donations are welcome. Send to the following address:


For other ways to donate, see the link below.