The Swiss Blockchain Token for Switzerland and the World.
→ Safe Storage and Exchange of Money ←
→ Fast Transfers at Very Low, Fixed Cost ←


Proof-of-Stake Blockchain

Worldwide peer-to-peer transfers in seconds. Low fees. Environment friendly. No chargebacks ever.


Tamper Proof and Open Source

It is almost impossible to retroactively modify transactions. Secured through cryptography.


Decentralized Exchange

eFranken can be traded on the Waves Exchange. Buy and sell in real time for a low fixed fee.


You Just Need a Web Browser.

Use the eFranken web wallet for storing your tokens for free with the private keys controlled by you.



Million Token Supply

Total supply of one billion tokens. More cannot be issued.


Million Creator eFranken Reserve

The lion’s share of the 950 Million left has been sold, the remaining stock was given away.


Waves Token

eFranken is based on the Waves cryptocurrency.




Idea for eFranken. Registration of Domain.


Issuance of the eFranken token as a Waves asset. Works on the website started and soon thereafter finished.


First Logo

First eFranken logo is delivered by Lalmidiba from Fiverr.


The eFranken faucet goes live.


First Sale

First eFranken sold on the Decentralized Exchange DEX.

Announcement Thread announcement thread opened.


New Logo

Commissioned new eFranken logo delivered by Lalmidiba.

New Website

The completely revamped new eFranken website goes live.


Sold out

The last eFranken stock available from the creator is sold.

First Play

First customer plays on, the first website, where you can play with eFranken.


About Pascal Parvex

Creator of the eFranken token in 2017

Pascal was born in 1979 and raised in Switzerland. Growing up, he soon developed a general interest in media. In the following years he played computer games on his fathers PCs and built his first website in 1999.

After school he more or less meandered through life for several years, including long times of unemployment. In the end of 2006 he succumbed to psychotic mania. Treatment for his mental illness followed in the years after. Deciding to go to filmschool, he quit after eight months due to financial constraints.

After having bought his first Bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies in late 2013, he finally decided to create a cryptocurrency for Switzerland (and the World) one day. This day came with the issuance of the eFranken token in 2017.

Pascal is single and lives in the small town of Wohlen AG in northern Switzerland.

Blockchain Token

What is a Blockchain token?

A token is based on a Blockchain coin and relies on it. eFranken is based on the Waves coin, this is why a small amount of the latter is needed to make transfers or to trade (Note: Receiving and holding eFranken is free!). Both token and coin are based on a so called “Blockchain”, which is like a ledger that is distributed on thousands and thousands of computers. It cointains every transaction ever done and is cryptographically encoded for security. Retroactively altering it is almost impossible.

When you create an eFranken wallet, you get a several words long backup phrase, the so called “Seed”. Treat it with care, as everybody knowing it has access to your wallet.