A Bitcoin hommage implemented as a Waves token, with transfers on speed.

Environment friendly.

Limited to 21 million units, all circulating now, except the 1.05 million (5%) reserved to finance the project.

Token ID: 49ysvuhXc1jProfTHsG5r2rxrNeYNygG5Shah4UGAxHd

“Suspicious” State

About the “Suspicious” state of Bitcoin Speed on Waves

Bitcoin Speed was flagged “Suspicious” from the Waves team as it contains the well known word “Bitcoin”, which has been used in new tokens in the Waves ecosystem to mislead people into thinking that they get the original first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Speed has no intention to mislead its users. But as long as the negative flag remains, the token can only be transferred with the web wallet or the standalone version thereof, but not with the mobile versions; also, you have to allow suspicious tokens in the options to see your supply of Bitcoin Speed in your wallet. Thank you for understanding.

Bitcoin Speed Donation

Bitcoin Speed was issued on the 8th June 2019 by Pascal Parvex

Bitcoin Speed donations welcome. Send to the following Waves address:


To donate in other currencies, please find the payment information on the link below. Thank you.