Back to Surf

After I have stocked up on my Vires on the Waves blockchain, I also went back to Surf. I plan to invest solely into it, as it just promises the best returns, and I believe in Waves. I staked them at Stakebooster to keep me from divesting to easily. Now to invest and wait.

More Vires

I sold my stock of SURF to buy more Vires tokens. I sure hope this pays off one day. I already have staked them.
Waves is still my favorite blockchain, even though they are going through rough times right now. It is just such an powerful infrastructure, you don’t need to be rich to be able to use it, unlike Ethereum.

« Your own crypto token in under a minute. »

Hello, my name is Pascal Parvex and I have been using the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2013. Do you want to issue your own token? Then I am offering you two options:

  1. You do everything yourself.
  2. I issue the token for you; then you have to cover the issuance fee of one Waves and I take 1% of the issued tokens.